What Is Your Sex Ed Business Style? And Are You Leveraging Your #1 Teaching Style?

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"Reid is one of the most engaging sex educators I've had the pleasure of working with in my long career. I've been an sex educator for thirty years and I learn from him each time I get to attend a class of his. HIs enthusiasm for teaching is engaging, fun and informative. Love this man!" -Nina Hartley, Sexual Civil Rights Advocate, Activist, Educator and Author

"When you're feeling stuck in your love life or your relationships, you want advice from an expert. That's when you want Reid Mihalko. He knows how to talk about tricky situations and make them simpler. And Reid will give you real tools that you can use right away. I've been a sex educator for a long time and I mean it when I say that Reid is one of the best." -Charlie Glickman, Sex Educator and Co-Author of The Ultimate Guide To Prostate Pleasure

"Reid Mihalko is well-informed and engaging speaker who builds his explications of human sexuality on the core issues of touch and connection. From this platform, he teaches with a good sense of where people need to start from, and always remembers to honor the diverse perspectives of individuals and groups in any audience. His work will be a tremendous asset to your sex education program, and I recommend his work to your institution wholeheartedly." -Dossie Easton, MA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist,  Co-author, The Ethical Slut

"Reid has an uncanny ability to see your practice from both your perspective and your clients' (or audience's) perspective. He places weight on building a sustainable business that sustains *you* both financially and emotionally, which in turn allows you  to continue being of service to your audience. Few people are able to tap into both life focus savvy and business savvy in equal measure, and Reid not only does that, he also brings years of experimenting with and analyzing different facets of sex education to your planning process. Any time I've looked at making a strategy shift, Reid's perspective has proven to be of tremendous practical value." -Sabrina Morgan, Workshop Leader and Sex Worker Rights Activist

"I've always said that Reid Mihalko is the Tom Hanks of Sex Education. In that vein, who better to guide you on how to build your business than the person in your field that's at the top of his game? Engaging, smart, fun, approachable and above all a superb teacher. Reid Mihalko will give you the inner permission to take your sex education practice to the next level." -Elle "Lady Cheeky" Chase, Sex Blogger and Workshop Leader

"Reid Mihalko has the unique ability to be able to take big, overwhelming things and show you how to break them down into smaller, manageable chunks. It also usually includes a great deal of fun to be had, so for me, it helps to inspire and motivate me to experiment in business and life, in areas I may have shy-ed away from. He teaches by personal example, how great it is to have community/peers hold you accountable, by going on the new ride with you, by doing tasks together that all of you may have been procrastinating. He is great at seeing and articulating a "third" option whenever I am stuck in an either/or situation. And one of his greatest gifts is the ability to teach how to be able to evaluate the toughest situation and be able to find your own personal "hell yes's" so that life in General is just MUCH easier. He has changed my life numerous times and anything new he is offering I want front row seats for 'cause I know it's gonna be good!" -Monique Darling, Authenticity, Vulnerability, and Relationship Coach