A 5-Day/4-Night Sleepaway Retreat for Sex Educators To Geek-Out On Business Skills!
July 14-18th, 2018, in Portland Oregon!

Are You Ready To Make A Bigger Impact, Create More Raving Fans, and Make More Money? All While Staying True To YOUR Calling and Having More Fun?

Join me Portland, Oregon July 14-18th, 2018

I've Spent the Last 4 Years and $42,000 Studying With Business's Best And Brightest, Testing That Know-How On My Own Career, and Developing Approaches That Will Let YOU Shortcut Your Path To Success!

If you're tired of being the best kept secret in your field... Of struggling to make ends meet while your friends and family disapprove... Of worrying if it's really worth sharing your gifts with the world and doubting if sex education will ever payoff financially as a career... If you're ready to quit sacrificing your wellbeing and peace of mind, and hungry to make a difference in people's lives AND MAKE A LIVING, then this is for you.

Too many smart, savvy sex educators and sex-positive professionals struggle to pay the rent. You have a message that is worth sharing. A message that people NEED. Yet, it seems like people are always asking you to lower your rates, teach for free, and give another chunk of yourself for nothing.

How can we get people to see the value and transformation great sex and relationship information brings to their lives?  And how do we get them to help support OUR lives financially while we transform theirs emotionally/physically/spiritually?

I was where you are now. I knew my calling, and had seen what I taught change lives and transform relationships. Yet, I could barely afford to get myself to gigs and pay my bills at the same time. I felt hesitant to call myself a sex and relationship educator because I was juggling 3 jobs, and sex education was the fourth! Working all the time to pay the bills gave me little time to build my career and book teaching gigs. When I did get gigs, people would  sometimes try to knock my workshop prices down, and I felt like I had to take what was offered just to get my name out there and to fulfill on my calling. When I showed up to teach, I was exhausted and worried. The harder I hustled, the less I got accomplished, and the more resentful, worried, and angry I grew.

I looked to my sex ed heroes for answers, only to realize that like me, so many of them were struggling, burnt-out, and broke.


I knew there had to be a better way.


I saw other people, in other professions, making money (and actually being happy), so I turned my geeky focus onto their industries and studied what they were doing that was making them successful.

I started comparing their business practices, and I studied what their various industries might have in common business-wise. I sought out and interviewed my friends who were super successful in business. What they revealed to me and what I discovered, I "copy/pasted" and tested out on my brand and my career.

If something worked, I kept it and ran with it. What didn't work, I modified until it did work within the field of sex and relationship education, or I discarded it. 

From cutting-edge ways of leveraging social media to becoming a recognized authority in one’s field... From marketing to colleges for paid lecturing gigs to reaching out to adult toy companies for sponsorships... From successful 1-on-1 coaching models to online course and curriculum design... From pitching television shows on sex and relationships in Hollywood and working with the media... To contract negotiation and pricing one’s offerings… 

I researched, geeked-out on, and tested more ways of monetizing the field of sex education than any other sex educator I knew. If there was something I couldn't test out on my own business, I sought out those who had, and picked their brains for clues that might apply to me and my career. 

I became a guinea pig of business in the industry of sex education...


It was slow at first… And sometimes painful. I made mistakes.  I applied great information in the wrong ways. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I reinvented the square en route to reinventing the wheel.

After 7 years of trial and error, I discovered a secret.

I had a breakthrough that made a difference in how many people I could reach, how much I could change their lives, and how much people would value my work and be happy to compensate me for my efforts. I took a scary and vulnerable leap of faith and within 6 months, I began making a living. I quit my other jobs and became a sex and relationship educator full time. 

For the next 4 years, as my income grew, I invested most of that income into testing my "secret theory" by digging deeper into business, taking more seminars, and testing my theories on my own brand.

I became really good at spotting "old paradigm" advice that was already -or about to become- obsolete, and I became GREAT at identifying content and advice that had an edge on what others were teaching. Because of those skills, and a little luck, I found some experts who taught me AUTHENTIC marketing (not the sleazy stuff that you find all over the web), and something HUGE shifted for me!

This Was a Huge Revelation and Nearly Doubled My Income... 

I'd never been able to get over my distaste of pushy and “salesy” selling. Pushy sales tactics always felt like when someone tried to convince me to have sex with them: It felt like my "no" wasn't being respected, and worse, I felt like I was just a conquest to them.

Authentic marketing made me feel the way I wanted to leave people feeling (and the way I wanted to feel, too): that any engagement we consented to would be of mutual benefit to all involved, and that everyone be left feeling seen, respected, and a better person for the interaction, regardless if the answer was yes or no.

All along, my aversion to "salesy" sales was my intuition telling me "this isn't your style" of selling. I didn't have to "get over anything" to be a good business person! I wasn't broken, AND I wan't bad at sales! I just hadn't found a business approach to sales that was in alignment with who I was, how I like to teach people, and where the industry is going as a whole. After that, I religiously implement the few simple steps of authentic marketing throughout my business, and my revenue increased tremendously.

Excited by authentic marketing and sales, I dug deeper into other areas of business. I went to class after class, attending seminars and online courses that had nothing to do with sex education, looking for the best information I could find. When I found great material, I devoured it, and then tested it on my own business to see if it would work in the field of sex ed.

I realized that, similar to sales, there are different business models and revenue streams to choose from in the business world. I learned the difference between having a job, owning a job, and owning a business and WHY KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE is often the difference between someone being frustrated and broke or in high demand, happy, and at the top of their industry. 

I applied my geeky ideas on "Dating Your Species" in relationships to business models, and how picking a congruent business model and combining it with knowing your #1 and 2 teaching styles will help you define your brand and make money in ways that excite you rather than shut you down.

I was finally able to experience myself as "good at business" all because I was able to "date" a business model that was a great fit for me. OMG! Business could actually feel fun and easy? Who knew! Maybe I wasn't destined to fail at business like my father had!

I continued to (and still do) seek out, invest in, and learn from the who’s-who of internet marketing, curriculum design, and business… Brendon Burchard, Jeff Walker, Callen Rush, Lisa Sasevich, Mel Abraham, Ryan Deiss, among others. In field testing what I've learned, I built a Youtube channel with over 4,250,000+ views, tinkered with Facebook ads for the first time, built my email list of raving customers, cultivated a loyal Twitter following, held live events in Las Vegas and West Virginia, and sold over 2500 sex geek tees to people all over the globe.

It wasn’t a pretty journey. Over the past 11 years, there were lots of late nights, several almost evictions, one bankruptcy, years without health insurance or going to the dentist, a daunting amount of back-taxes, and lots of teeth gnashing, shameful tears, and hair pulling. But it was all worth it. Why? Because I was able to transform all that.

As my business and career grew more quickly, I asked myself, “Was what I was learning scalable or was it only going to work while I was small? What could I be doing better, more powerfully? What hadn’t I figured out yet?” And most importantly of all: “Would my theories and best practices work for other sex educators on their businesses?”

It was that last question that shifted everything for me and transformed my life because I started thinking about every sex educators' business, and I started seeing sex education as it's own industry.

All of a sudden, the ladder of success I was climbing became a freight elevator that I could invite all the other sex educators to climb aboard! We could push the Up Button together!

And that's when I went back through everything I had learned and everything I had implemented... I started distilling these concepts down to what works well -not just for me and my business- but for heart-centered, sex-positive entrepreneurs like you and me. No longer would my sex ed heroes or my peers have to remain frustrated and broke. 

To date, I’ve had over 150,000 conversations with men and women about sex and relationships. Over 50,000 people have attended my workshops and lectures. I’ve been on TV in more countries and languages than I can recall. Been paid to lecture at colleges and universities across the United States and Canada. I’ve gotten feedback from thousands of individuals telling me that I’ve helped them have better sex and deeper relationships. I’ve even had a coaching client and his wife tip me $5000 for 2-weeks worth of sessions (that's $5000 on top of what he paid me for my time and knowledge) and it was his idea. And they even hired me again!

Believe me, it has been a hell of a wild and crazy learning curve. I'm proud to say that today... My taxes are all paid up, I've got a proper retirement fund AND health insurance, my teeth are healthy, my relationships are thriving, and I even have non-sex educators coming to me now for... Guess what? For business advice!

Looking back, if I knew then what I know now, everything I achieved could have been sped-up and with much less worry and drama.

How do I know this? Because I've been coaching and mentoring dozens of sex educators these past several years, teaching them in just a fraction of the time what took me years to learn! And, as they test my principles on their own careers and businesses, I'm proud to report that these sex educators have been able to achieve faster results with much less worry and drama!

If you have a passion for transforming people's lives... I want to make YOUR journey to success faster and easier than mine.


The world needs YOU. People desperately NEED what you’re teaching. There are people living quiet lives of desperation, hurting, and hurting one another, because they don’t have access to the information that comes easy to you… Not every person on the planet is going to resonate with my teachings, my style, or what I look like. But many will resonate and feel drawn to YOU and YOUR TEACHINGS!

The sex education industry needs all the diversity and awesome-sauce we can pour out into the world, and I want to help you get your message to those who need it, and I want you to be well compensated for answering your calling. Why? So you can afford to continue making the world a better, more loving, pleasure-positive place! For how long? For rest of your life, I'm hoping!

I’m not promising you’ll get my results over night. You will need to show up and apply what I teach. But YOU CAN SHAVE YEARS OFF YOUR PATH by following the simple steps and concepts I'll share with you.



Imagine Your Life 12-Months From Now... 


  • Imagine a year from now, when you wake up knowing your workshops and courses are full weeks in advance...
  • What would it be like to have a waitlist of clients wanting to work with you? 
  • To get emails from colleges and universities inviting you to lecture to their students and asking you what your budget is to do so?
  • Would it feel good to have online products that people are raving and sharing about on Facebook, placing orders for from across the world, letting you help people (and earn money) while you sleep?
  • What would it feel like to have your loved ones beaming with pride over your work, calling and congratulating you because they just saw you on television spreading your message?

These Results Are Possible for YOU... 

These results are based on an easy-to-follow process I developed that guides you through the steps, teaches you how to think about the business of sex education in a way that’s natural, easy and authentic for you, and lets you take on new projects, topics, and clients powerfully.

I mentor a large number of sex educators and sex-positive professionals. I’ve seen the changes in their businesses, and I’ve seen it in my own. 

In fact, my business has grown so much that I don’t have the time to mentor educators one-on-one anymore, which why you’re reading this right now… Because I had to figure out a way to make what I know accessible to those hungry and passionate sex educators who deserve to take their careers to unprecedented levels and reach the world with their message... And I finally cracked the code and figured out how to do teach YOU what I know and how to implement it easily SO YOU GET RESULTS!  

If You Think You Can't Do What I Did, You're Wrong. 

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t tech savvy - I’ll show you how to get work done quickly and inexpensively, so that your productivity and confidence replaces your stagnation and worry.

It doesn’t matter if you wrestle with money issues or if the words “marketing” and “sales” make you wretch  - I’ll show you exactly what I did to heal my business and money issues, and how YOU can do it in empoweringly easy and fun ways so you can breathe ease and playfulness into your career and be an unstoppable force in sex education.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a big following right now I’ll show you how to set your career and brand on autopilot so your following grows and your reach expands while you take care of other things.

Even if you don’t have a single product to sell (I’ll teach you how to build one), or haven’t made much money in your business… I’ll walk you through the steps that make you more successful, help people value your work, and position you as an expert in your field.

And, if you do have a business going – whether it’s been for 3-months or thirty years, I’ll guide you in the best, cutting-edge tools and perspectives so you can turbo charge what you’ve already built and use it as a launching pad for your next wave of success, profit, and ease.


In This Course, You Get The Best of All Worlds…

  • You will gain a confidence with business, and a sense of clarity over what must be done moving forward that will increase your self-esteem, sense of self-worth, and the value of what you have to offer the world.  
  • You get to network and bond with other sex-positive professionals, so you... Don't feel alone, experience less burnout, extend your network and career, and build a community of peers that “get you,” can recommend your work to others, and will cheer you on as we all grow more successful!
  • You will learn the latest and best advice I've distilled from mainstream marketers and business geniuses, taught to you in “sex education speak” so you don’t have to waste time trying to translate business "speak" and marketing jargon.
  • You’ll get my best practices and tools for savvy business and entrepreneurship tailored specifically for the sex education realm so you can “plug and play” and streamline your career in less time and with more fun…
  • Yes, all this, already pre-filtered and adapted for the sex-positive community and applied to multiple scenarios to demonstrate how different types of sex educators can use these tools to make a living…
  • We'll geek out over our industry's fears about money and success, and cover effective, playful ways to price your services so you can release your fears about charging for what you do, and increase your income - and you'll even learn how you can raise your rates and create an easy win-win for you AND your clients!  
  • You'll get tools tested in the field, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or struggle trying to figure out if it will work for your business.
  • You’ll learn how to assess what’s the best, most congruent career path for you and the various types of sex education that might be your calling so that you don’t waste years taking your career in a direction that might ultimately leave you feeling unhappy and empty.
  • Focused time to work on your business and implement what you're learning so you leave with powerful and proven tools and strategies already working for you! 
  • With plenty of time to ask questions and get personal advice on YOUR SPECIFIC SITUATION.
  • You’ll learn your authentic business and teaching styles so you don’t end up unconsciously copying someone else’s, and so your branding and marketing occur to you as a natural and easy extension of your passion for helping people (This will allow you to powerfully promote your career and your calling by just loving what you do, how you do it, and authentically being who you are in the world)!
  • Develop a professional version of charisma so that you will effortlessly attract the right clients to you and have people seeing you as an expert in your field!
  • You will learn how to stop working hard in the WRONG ways and where and how to start working smart, so that you’re automatically more productive and prosperous rather than burnt out, lost, struggling and frustrated.
  • You will also get to unwind and recharge each day in a playful atmosphere, while eating healthy meals, communing with nature, and being encouraged to have fun while you learn!
  • You’ll make new, lifelong friends and priceless business buddies.
  • And we’ll even show you how you may be able to write it all off as a business expense!*


But, Reid - Will It Work For Me? My Answer Is YES!


How do I know this will work for you? I geek out on adult learning styles and the cutting-edge, best ways to package information so that my students and clients actually win with it! I'm well known as a facilitators-facilitator, and I design courses and workshops that weave together somatic, mental, and energetic learning… And I’ve done this for you, too, so you’ll leave with integrated skills, worksheets and checklists to guide you to and through the steps that will make the most powerful difference in your business (and your life!). And, I can promise you some great camp fire stories to share as well!

I Invite You To Join Me In-Person for

Sex Geek Summer Camp!


Join Me Online 


 Sex Geek School For Gifted Sex Geeks,

a.k.a. (SG)3


Get All The Geekery

and Register for Both!


Sex Geek Summer Camp (July1 4-18th, 2018, in Portland Oregon) is a 5-day/4-night sleepaway camp for sex educators of all levels of career experience to have fun, get some rest and relaxation, AND learn the business behind sex education so that YOU can reach MORE people with your message, be MORE financially and emotionally free, AND achieve greater levels of success and professionalism in YOUR career!

Sex Geek School for Gifted Sex Geeks, aka (SG)3is Reid's 6-week, Online training and support course that you can take in conjunction with summer camp or as a stand alone program. Can't make it to Summer Camp this year? No worries! Access (SG)3 Online and still get that best business, marketing and facilitation/workshop design insights Reid has to offer with your life membership! 

Want to attend camp AND take (SG)3, by all means do! Experience camp then go back to the Online program over and over for step-by-step guidance, support and implementation! 

Pick The Option Below That Works Best for YOU!

Join Us At Camp And/Or Geek-Out with Us Online. Either Way, You Win Because Reid Will Help YOU...

Increase your Business I.Q. and professional savvy while diving deep and sharing his best information with you! 

These business, marketing, design/facilitation, and speaking skills will allow you to unlock your business and educator potential, reach more people with your message, and give you the tools and know-how to increase your income while having more fun, ease, and productivity in your life!  

You Must Be 21 or Over to Attend Camp.


With Your Paid In Full Tuition, You Receive:

  • 1 Seat & Camping Privileges Reserved for YOU at Sex Geek Summer Camp, Our In-Person, 5-Day Business Retreat in Portland, July 14-18th 2018.
  • Camping/Tenting Privileges for 5-Days and 4-Nights Tenting and Camping supplies not included. Please bring your own equipment (or Upgrade to Indoor Room Accommodations).
  • 3 Meals Per Day
  • Access to All Camp Lectures and Take-Home Educational Materials Covering Overviews, Cutting-Edge Best Practices, and As Many Specifics As We Have Time To Cover In... 
    • Branding & Positioning
    • Marketing & Social Media 
    • Entrepreneurship Vs. Self-Employment Vs. Working For Someone Else
    • Best Business & Revenue Models for Sex Educators
    • Technology & Automation
    • Content Creation & Curriculum Design
    • Digital Publishing & Live Events
    • Rates, Pricing & Sales Models
    • Facilitating/Presentation/Public Speaking Skill Sets
    • Self-Care & Sustainability
    • Working with the Media & PR
    • Best Business Practices & Accounting
    • Virtual Assistants & Outsourcing
    • Legal & Tax Overviews

Tuition Also Gants You Access To:

  • Full Access To All Extracurricular Camp Activities, Including But Not Limited To...
    • Swimming Hole Swimming!
    • Hiking
    • Camp Fire Erotica Reading Night
    • S'mores Night!
    • Sex Geek Talent Show
    • Movie Night

Last But Not Least, You Get 24/7 Access To:

  • Sex Geek Summer Camp and (SG)3's "For Campers and Alumni Only" Secret Facebook Group so you can easily keep in touch with your fellow campers and (SG)3'ers, complete with regular FB check-ins by Reid answering your questions, giving advice and cheering you on!



With Your Paid In Full Tuition To (SG)3, You Receive:

  • Life-Time Membership, 24/7/365 Access for 1 
  • Access to (SG)3's "drip-system" course matierials and "deluge" tutorials! 
  • So you can learn without getting overwhelmed AND get access to what you need most ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Part of (SG)3's brilliance is that longer, deep-dive, educational lectures and corresponding worksheets in the course are released daily in "drip-system" fashion. That means access to a new, daily training video 5-days a week over 6-weeks. (SG)3 also gives you IMMEDIATE ACCESS to dozens of Walk Through Tutorials Videos on a variety of specific topis so YOU can begin implementing the things that you need done ASAP and "deluge" yourself as needed without worry!
  • Again, you get access to 6-Weeks of "easy-to-ingest and implement, cutting edge business, branding, marketing and facilitation/curriculum design training
  • Training videos that will explain concepts, tactics and strategies
  • Training videos walking you through specific implementation so you can relax rather than freak out when doing online/technical things!
  • Audio lessons and advice you can download and listen to anywhere! 
  • Downloadable handouts and worksheets
  • Weekly transcripts and downloadable pdf's to anchor the lessons and chart your gains!
  • Fun, exciting homework assignments that build toward experiential skills and insights!
  • Reid's 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee Try (SG)3 Online for a month with nothing to lose! If you don't find it satisfying, just ask within 30-days for your money back and recieve a 100% full-refund.
  • After the 30-Days, and you're sure Reid's teaching style is a good fit for you, get access to $885 worth of (SG)3 Bonus Content! 
  • (SG)3's Content Covers Overviews, Cutting-Edge Best Practices, As Well As Specifics In...  
    • Branding & Positioning
    • Marketing & Social Media 
    • Entrepreneurship Vs. Self-Employment Vs. Working For Someone Else
    • Best Business & Revenue Models for Sex Educators
    • Technology & Automation
    • Content Creation & Curriculum Design
    • Digital Publishing & Live Events
    • Rates, Pricing & Sales Models
    • Facilitating/Presentation/Public Speaking Skill Sets
    • Self-Care & Sustainability
    • Working with the Media & PR
    • Best Business Practices & Accounting
    • Virtual Assistants & Outsourcing
    • Legal & Tax Overviews

(SG)3 Membership Also Gants You Access To:

  • Option To Join The (SG)3 Guild of Sex Geeks Coming Soon!

Last But Not Least, You Get 24/7 Access To:

  • Sex Geek Summer Camp and (SG)3's "For Campers and Alumni Only" Secret Facebook Group so you can easily keep in touch with your fellow campers and (SG)3'ers, complete with regular FB check-ins by Reid answering your questions, giving advice and cheering you on!


  • Similar Business Seminars, Courses, and Events Can Cost You Thousands of Dollars! 


Compare Sex Geek Summer Camp or (SG)3 to the cost of attending just ONE of the dozens of weekend seminars I’ve gone to… at $1997. (Never mind the additional cost of 3-4 nights stay at the 4-5 star hotel these trainings are usually held at... That's $600+ PLUS the cost of meals at said 4 or 5 star hotel, which can easily run another $200+ to the bill… This would bring your out of pocket expense to a minimum of $2797 per seminar)

$1997 + 600 + 200 = $2797 per typical business seminar

But before you spend that $2797... You've still got to spends hours upon hours researching which event out of the hundreds that exist you're going to attend... Let's say you put in 10 hours researching... Depending on what you charge per hour to do what it is that you do... When I first started doing relationship coaching, I charged $60 an hour. Now I charge $300... So that's...

10 hours at $60/$300 = $600 to $3000 of your time

AND then you've got to hope that you pick the right event for you and pray it gives you enough easy-to-implement information so you can make some headway in your career... At the very least you hope to make your money back. At it's worst, you're out $3397 to $5797 feeling more frustrated and closer to burnt out and pulling the plug on your dreams of making the world a more sex-positive place… 

Cost of attending the wrong seminar = ???

And even if it was a good seminar, you'd still have to translate the business jargon into sex geek speak. And you'd most likely be alone as the one and only sex educator in the room... I know, because I often was the only sex educator in those rooms! Which also meant (despite the most well-meaning efforts of some very smart business types) I had to endure the clunky language and unintentional "isms" that came with the corporate-influenced, sex-negative, heteronormative and sexist business territory.

Let's face it, being surrounded by your peers, attending an event that is designed and proven to work for sex-positive professionals, and uses inclusive, body positive, and gender/race/identity/non-abelist savvy/non-sexist language and teaching examples... Well, what's that worth to you?

Green Arrow Priceless.

Sex Geek Summer Camp and (SG)3 Will Catapult Your Career!



But Wait! That's Not All... CAMP BONUSES and (SG)3 BONUSES!

CAMP BONUSES: In addition to what you get at Camp, I’m SWEETENING THE DEAL with... 

  • BONUS #1While supplies last… 
  • Upgrade Your Sleeping Accommodations! Camping in a tent not your style? Not a problem if you register ASAP, and get first-come-first-served dips on upgrading your sleeping accommodations at a minimal cost (Cabins, Teepees, Semi-Private Rooms, etc.) Available to the first 80 registrants only - Don't Miss Out!
  • BONUS #2: Free Early Arrival Night! Take the Sex Geek Bus or get yourself to camp anytime after 4pm, and receive a BONUS FREE NIGHT's stay, Friday, July 13th, so you can pitch your tent or settle into your upgraded accommodations and rest up for Sunday morning’s camp kick-off! 
  • BONUS #3: Get immediate access to 3 Reid business training products ($593 Value for Free!) designed specifically for Sex Educators so YOU can get to know Reid's teaching style AND get a jumpstart on increasing your business savvy while we eagerly await for camp to start...
    • Meta Launch Behind the Scenes: Watch while Reid and Cathy plan THIS Lauch. (Video Series - $97 value)
    • While I Wait For Camp Starter Kit: Tune in and learn some fundamental business self-expression and how to get started. (Video Series - $197 value)

(SG)3 BONUSES: In addition to the 6-Week Online Course, I’m OVER DELIVERING with these... 

  • Meta Launch Behind the Scenes: Watch while Reid and Cathy plan THIS Lauch. (Video Series - $97 value)
  • Getting Started Bonus with Cathy Vartuli: Get some amazing advice of how to assess what you need to work on first and what actions to take with's ever brilliant Cathy Vartuli! ($97 value)

And, last but not least... 



1 Complimentary Ticket To Join Reid at Sex Geek Solutions LIVE! 

  • Register for Camp, (SG)3, or Both and Get This $997 BONUS On Top of All Your Other Bonuses... 1 Complimentary Ticket To Reid's 3-Day LIVE weekend seminar!
  • Yep! Be Reid's special guest at his next 3-Day, Relationship Seminar. Why? So you can get geeky with Reid as you witness how he runs his premier, hotel-based seminar. This is a $997 per ticket value! Hotel and food not included.

That brings your Grand Total for Bonuses to... 

$1588 in Bonuses for Sex Geek Summer Camp and $1885 in Bonuses for Sex Geek School for Gifted Sex Geeks!

Scroll Down To The Bottom for (SG)3 Purchase Buttons

Tell me more about Camp and the Camp Application Process:

  • Who Can Come To Camp? All levels of experience - from beginner sex educators and sex-positive entreprenuers to seasoned pros. All Orientations. All Shapes, Colors and Sizes. You Must Be 21 or Over by the first day of camp to Attend Camp.
  • Camp Application Process: Because of 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 camp's success and the already unbelievable buzz for camp 2018, all people registering for camp will be required to submit an official camp application to ensure this is an inclusive, consent-oriented, and business focused event. We'll send you a link for the application soon after you purchase. Anyone who's application is not accepted will be refunded their payment in full.
  • Camp Dates: Saturday to Wednesday, July 14-18th. Bonus early arrival for FREE on Friday night, the 13th, anytime after 4pm, so you can settle in before we begin!
  • Tuition Cost:  $497 Camp Tuition. Tuition includes Camping/Tenting Privileges for 5-days/4-nights (camping and tenting supplies not included), 3 Meals per Day, and Access to All Camp Lectures, Take-Home Educational Materials, and Curricular/Extracurricular Activities. 
  • Why Does Camp Tuition Seem So Low? Shouldn't It Cost More for What We're Getting? Yes. Frankly, an experience of business and community training this in-depth would normally cost $3000-$5000 easily. However, the reason camp tuition is such a steal is because Reid designed camp to be affordable and accessible to even the brokest of broke sex educators. That's less than $100 a day for meals/tenting/course materials (and S'mores)! You can't not afford to miss this life-changing event! Register NOW! 
  • Accommodation Upgrades: Once registered, we will contact you with further information about indoor room accommodation upgrade pricing and availability. Upgrade Availability Guaranteed to First 80 Registrants. Accommodation Upgrades cost extra and range from entire cabin take-overs for you, your organization, and your friends, to teepee rentals, to room shares, and individual bed accommodations. 
  • Arrival and Departure Times: Pre-registration, Bonus Extra Night arrival time on Friday evening, July 13th, anytime after 4pm. Camp begins Saturday at 10am! Camp ends, Wednesday, July 18th, at 12 Noon. All campers must be off property by 1pm on Wednesday,  July 18th. 
  • Location:  Portland Oregon, details coming soon!
  • What's The Weather Going To Be Like At Camp? Google Portland Weather!
  • Transportation To and From the Campground: Reid’s Recommendation - Fly into PDX. Lyft or Uber to the Campgrounds,
  • Closest Airports and Train Stop: PDX airport
  • Food and Meals: "An army travels on its stomach," as the saying goes, and we are an army of sex geeks out to change the world! 3 tasty and nutritious meals per day are included in your Camp Tuition, plus evening snacks. All meals will include vegetarian and dairy options, and non-alcoholic beverages. Breakfasts will include eggs (and often bacon). Dinners will include at least one meat option. Campers are allowed to bring their own favorite snacks as well as whatever special dietary requirements they need. Please contact Reid at with special concerns and requests. 
  • Learning While Playing Format*: Interactive Lectures, Group Exercises, Hilarious Demonstrations and Audience Participation, Special Interest Break-Out Sessions, Special Guests, Plenty of Q&A, Meal Breaks, Free Time to frolic and decompress and swim in the creek, Talent Show, Sing-Alongs, S'mores! And Much, Much MORE!
  • What Should I Pack and Bring to Camp?
  • Weather: A range of weather is possible, from WARM to COOL, and WET to DRY. July is typically changeable. The average high temperature is near 80 degrees and the average nightly low temperature is 55 degrees; lows in the high 40's are not unheard of. The record high ever was 92, so we don't expect long stretches of uncomfortably warm weather. 
  • Feel free to Google the week’s weather and projected forecasts if that are your thang! Knowledge is power! 
  • Campsites, 3 healthy meals per day (please make sure you filled out your Additional Info/Medical Emergency Form, which includes some important things re: camp meals), showers and portapotties, a Personal Foods Kitchen for storing and preparing your private snacks and meal supplements for those who have special food needs. 
  • Policy on Scents and Biodegradables: If you can, please try to pack non-scented/scent-free items for camp because they help us create a more inclusive environment for campers who may have potential allergy and scent-sensitivity needs. Scent-free sunscreen rocks, btw. Also, please pack only biodegradable soaps/shampoos/conditioners and bug sprays because these products find their way into the local water supplies, and we want to leave the campsite better than we found it! Thanks in advance for being mindful of these things! 
  • Packing List:
  • For tent campers: tent, sleeping bag, and pad/air mattress, etc.
  • For cabin users: lanterns, earplugs/sleeping-masks, blankets, pillows, pillowcases, and sheets* (*unless you’re renting bedding and towels from Abrams – Talk to Sarah about that. Only $20 for the stay)
  • For lodge users: earplugs/sleeping-masks, extra pillows and blankets if desired* (*Bedding included only for lodge upgrades)
  • Your laptop and laptop charger – we will be using your computers for some learning activities, and we will have WiFi in the lodge common room and also in the Teaching Dome
  • A notebook
  • A camera or your smart phone for personal pictures – and your phone charger - please be sure to ask and get permission when taking pics of other campers, which includes campers who appear in the background, and be aware of nudity.
  • Flashlights and/or headlamps (If you’re in a cabin that has no electricity, you might want an extra flashlight or a battery powered camping lamp)
  • Extra blankets –or pajamas- for cool nights 
  • Towels for showering and swimming in the creek
  • Easy-to-carry water bottle 
  • Toiletries – toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush, etc.
  • Biodegradable soap/shampoo/conditioner
  • Safer sex supplies and your erotic toys of choice
  • Poison ivy remedy
  • Biodegradable insect repellent
  • Shorts for warm weather
  • Long pants for cool weather (and to help prevent poison ivy when hiking in the woods)
  • Pajamas for the Cuddle Party and for cold nights
  • Socks/ Underwear – no need to write your name in ‘em unless that sounds fun!
  • Yoga mat for naked, morning yoga – clothing optional is optional. 
  • Rain gear
  • Sunscreen – unscented if you can get it ‘cause some people have allergies 
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat for sun protection
  • Water-Shoes for stream walking
  • Bathing suit, or not – creek is clothing optional
  • Hiking footwear 
  • Summer clothes for hot days (or you may choose to go au naturel in the clothing-optional areas)
  • Warm clothes for possible cool weather
  • Personal backjack or camping chair if you’re extremely picky – we will have backjacks and places to sit for the group, but just in case you LOVE your backjack or camping chair, please consider bringing it. 
  • Special food and dietary needs/supplies that you’re welcome to store and prepare in the Personal Foods Kitchen in case camp meals don’t meet your every requirement exactly.
  • Personal snacks, and fun food items to prepare for yourself in the Personal Foods Kitchen if you need to supplement camp meals or just want to have fun! Bring your favorite S’mores fixings and guilty pleasures for yourself and to share! 
  • Your sense of humor and willingness to co-create an incredible experience of learning and fun!
  • Acoustic musical instruments for the sing-a-longs! 
  • BYOB – We will not be serving booze at camp; however, you are adults and allowed to bring your own if you so desire. There are two towns located within 25-35 minute drives and beer available even closer than that!
  • Face paints, and fun and outrageous clothing or costumes for: 
    • The Talent Show! 
    • The Runway Parade before the Talent Show!
    • Impromptu Dance Parties!
    • Just because you’re feeling sassy and/or in the mood for a costume change!
  • Something for the altar in the Sensual Temple Dome/Play Space, or decorations for the play space, if you so desire.


Everyone Who Registers For Sex Geek Summer Camp And/Or (SG)3 Receives: 

 Reid's 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!   

Guaranteed Seal

Ask for your money back within 30-Days of Registering for (SG)3 And/Or Sex Geek Summer Camp (and at least 3 weeks before camp starts, in case you register last minute) and we'll gladly refund you!

But What Guarantees Do I Have When I Get To Camp? No Worries! You've Got... 

 Reid's "At Camp" Guarantee!   

Reid knows how valuable your time and focus is, and what you have to offer the world! We promise not to waste your time and are prepared to back it up!

Attend All 5-Days and All Educational Sessions of Sex Geek Summer Camp, and if, at the end, you think you didn't learn anything and think Reid wasted your time, just see Reid at the end of camp and tell him, with integrity, "Reid, you wasted my time. I didn't learn anything. I'd like a refund," and we'll be happy to refund you your camp tuition IN FULL!

That's how much we believe in Sex Geek Summer Camp!

Dear Camper: You Want To Be One of the First 80 Campers...(And as this goes live, we have a bunch of people registered already as they signed up at the end of Camp 2016!)


From: Head Camp Counselor Reid

Re: Only 80 Accommodation Upgrades...

Dear Camper,

Summer Camp will arrive before you know it and there's only 80 accommodation upgrades available, and those spots will go fast! So register NOW!

You deserve the best of what I have to offer for growing your sex positive business AND you deserve to have the camping experience of a lifetime with fellow sex geeks in a beautiful outdoor setting with great food... 

Relive your childhood camp experience, this time as a sex geeky adult while you give your career and your calling a sound foundation to transform lives while you support your dreams!

See you at camp!


P.S. Don’t miss out… Don’t struggle another year while your peers jump ahead of you in business. And don't let your peers reminisce about all the amazing fun and juicy brain-sex you missed last summer because you didn't register for Sex Geek Summer Camp!

P.P.S. Remember... I can show you how to have the career of your dreams and how to monetize it. I’ll help you tune into your authentic business self-expression, leverage your teaching style, and show you how to share your message with the people who will LOVE WHAT YOU TEACH, without you or them feeling like you’re pushy or “salesy.” I’ve done this for my career, and I’ve taught others to do it with great success.

Sex Geek Summer Camp is only $497, and includes all meals, educational materials and activities, and a space to park your tent (room upgrades info and bus ticket links available after your register for additional cost - You will receive an email with details about these options soon after you pay your tuition and secure your spot at camp). That's 3 meals a day, access to all the courses and take home materials, a BONUS EARLY ARRIVAL NIGHT'S STAY and all the fun you can handle! (PLUS $593 worth of BONUS BUSINESS TRAINING PROGRAMS you get access to the day you register, and get to keep even if you ask for you money back!)  

Register NOW so I can see YOU at Sumer Camp!

If you can't make it to camp, PLEASE Register for (SG)3 so I can see YOU Online and support your awesomeness!

Click The Button Below That's Right For You!


People Had This To Say... 

The Tom Hanks of Sex Education...

I've always said that Reid Mihalko is the Tom Hanks of Sex Education. In that vein, who better to guide you on how to build your business than the person in your field that's at the top of his game? Engaging, smart, fun, approachable and above all a superb teacher. Reid Mihalko will give you the inner permission to take your sex education practice to the next level.



~Elle "Lady Cheeky" Chase, Sex Blogger and Workshop Leader


From both your perspective and your clients'...

Reid has an uncanny ability to see your practice from both your perspective and your clients' (or audience's) perspective.... [Reid] also brings years of experimenting with and analyzing different facets of sex education to your planning process. Any time I've looked at making a strategy shift, Reid's perspective has proven to be of tremendous practical value.


~Sabrina Morgan, Workshop Leader and Sex Worker Rights Activist


Anything new he is offering I want front row...

Reid Mihalko has the unique ability to be able to take big, overwhelming things and show you how to break them down into smaller, manageable chunks. He is great at seeing and articulating a "third" option whenever I am stuck in an either/or situation. He has changed my life numerous times and anything new he is offering I want front row seats for 'cause I know it's gonna be good!" 

~Monique Darling, Authenticity, Vulnerability, and Relationship Coach





Sex Geek Summer Camp Logistics & FAQ for July 2018...

Here's your official Sex Geek Summer Camp Packing List! Please feel free to add or subtract what'cha need. We just wanted to let you know what we thought you might want to think about bringing... 

Optional Items:

Leave at Home: Non-biodegradable soap/shampoo/conditioner, pets of any size, super heavy BDSM play gear (like knives/guns/needles), fireworks/explosives, etc.

Friday Evening Early-Arrival Meal: We’ll be serving a late dinner for those of you arriving for your Bonus Night on Friday the 13th. 

Internet: TBA

Phones: TBA

Food and Meals: The first official meal will be Saturday breakfast at 8:00-8:45AM, with some simple food available on Friday evening for early arriving campers. Meals will be vegetarian with a vegan option, and a meat option each dinner; the food is mostly organic and as free as possible from preservatives, artificial coloring, etc. We will have a Personal Foods Kitchen for those with special food need to store and prepare their own foods. Dishes, cups, and silverware will be provided; you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

Leave the Campsite Better Than You Found It: A lot of work went into creating such a low priced/high value learning and frolicking experience for you, Sex Geek! While there is no other sleep away camp for the business of sex education, there are affordable camps that require “Karma Yoga” (aka Chores) of their attendees. Sex Geek Summer Camp is NOT like other camps in that you have NO CHORES to do while at camp but learn, be kick-ass and awesome to each other, feel your feelings, and have fun. I’ve hired people to do all the chores so you’re completely freed-up to be in service to YOURSELF. However, what I do ask of you is that you strive to “leave the campsite better than you found it,” literally and figuratively – Clean up after yourself at meals, keep the Personal Food Kitchen clean, keep our meeting spaces and play spaces orderly, and don’t trash your cabins/bedrooms/campsites, etc. Thanks in advance for being awesome about this!

Bathrooms and Showers: We will be using port-a-potties for toilets. There is a shower house with sinks and stalls for general use. There is extremely limited access to indoor bathrooms at the Lodge House, which will be reserved for people with disabilities and other special needs, as the septic system in the Lodge was designed for a single family dwelling, and the septic field is right under our dining area. If you have not made special arrangements with us, please do NOT use the Lodge House bathrooms. This means you.

Participatory Music: All music making is greatly appreciated. Bring your instruments and talents. Be part of the live music celebrations, the campfire sing-a-longs, and share your music at our Sex Geek Talent Show!

Cars and Parking: Most campsites and cabins have parking spaces nearby. For those that don’t, there is an “overflow” parking area is in the middle of the campground. Additional overflow parking is available near the entrance to the campground; ask about the specific location.  Please plan to use your car as little as possible during camp, to reduce fumes and preserve our connections to each other and nature.


Clothing-Optional Areas: Much, but not all, of our campground will be clothing-optional. The Lodge House and its surroundings, and other areas that are visible from outside the property, are not clothing-optional. We’ll provide a map at registration with the boundaries of the clothing-optional space. There will also be signs posted at the boundaries of the clothing optional areas. 

Decorating the Sensual Temple Dome/Play Space: Because you’re adults and because you’re Sex Geeks, there will be a space at camp dedicated to sensual play and skill-set sharing. The Sensual Temple Dome/Play Space will be set up with comfy areas, clean linens, safer sex supplies, and a small music system. If you’d like to bring something for the alter and/or things to decorate the dome, please feel free to contribute your artistic flare to make the dome your temple and geeky playground.

Special Needs: If you have any special food, medical, or other needs that you haven’t told us about yet; please let us know ASAP -

Local Resources: The Abrams Creek website,, is a marvel of information, and we encourage you to explore it. See particularly this link:

I'm SO excited that you'll be joining us at Camp! 

Questions? Concerns? Hit Reply or email me at

Your head camp counselor (I said head),

  •  Will There Be WiFi? Free WiFi internet access is available 
  • What About Cellphone Reception At Camp? TBA
  • Laundry: TBA
  • Accommodation Upgrade Fees: Camp Accommodation Upgrade Fees to be emailed to you upon registration! Be one of the first 80 campers to reserve your spot by paying your full tuition and get guaranteed upgrade availabilityght: inherit; background-color: initial;">!

    *Always check with a tax professional: Many times business education and networking is tax deductible. FYI, Reid is not a tax or business attorney, nor does he play one on TV (Though he did play a cowboy in a Salt ‘N Pepa video once. And that’s a fact.).

    **Please Note: There will be a lot of sitting in chairs/backjacks/picnic benches and note taking during the Sex Geek Summer Camp. We will have an ASL Interpreter available if requested and accessible seating areas for those who need it, but the retreat center is in a very rural setting. Questions, Concerns about accessibility? Email Reid at

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